Orphanage #1 is in dire need of window replacement! This is a multi-phase project that will remain open until all phases have been completed. We will begin with group “Belka” and continue on as each phase becomes fully funded.

The orphanage is experiencing major issues with its windows due to age and poor quality construction. Since the building is at an elevated height they are susceptible to winds regardless of the direction they blow. Our local coordinator verifies that during winter the winds literally howl through the building on some days! Since the framing is so badly rotted, the windows must be nailed shut in the winter and insulated with newspaper and plastic sheeting. This creates an additional hazard to the staff because they must do all of this standing on tall ladders. Even with the make-shift insulation, portable heaters are necessary on some winter days. The children are very curious about these devices and can be easily burned or electrocuted! During the summer, the process must be reversed, so all insulation is removed, usually along with the old paint and pieces of rotting wood from the window frames. The gaps in the framing allow excessive cold to enter the bulding during the winter months and even more dust during the summer. These conditions only contribute to the health problems the children already face each day.

Cleaning the windows is also a problem because many of them open to the outside and are at higher elevations. In order to accomplish this task, the staff generally sprays them with a hose, which doesn’t do a very good job. Additionally, the water sprayed soaks into the wood frames and creates more rotting potential.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh, John & Nina Crisp, Robert Miller, Mikhail Arkhipov, Elena Levitskaya, Tabitha Murphy, Jonathan Soverns, Sharlene Stewart,