The Snezhnoye Orphanage is located in a very poor town in a remote region of Ukraine. As a result, this orphanage has many unmet needs. Snezhnoye is home to 45-50 children ages 2-17. There are 35 staff members at the facility to care for the children.

This orphanage faces a very unique problem that we’ve not yet encountered. The city’s water supply is only turned on for a few hours each day. The orphanage must gather and store as much water as possible and ration it until the next day when the water supply is again available. They need 3 large plastic water barrels to accomplish this task. The beds and mattresses at the orphanage have received their fair share of general wear and tear and it’s necessary to replace several of the units. (see photos above)

The orphanage is also asking our assistance to purchase ironing equipment, sports equipment and additional dishes for the kitchen. Many of the dishes they have now are chipped and cracked and are in desparate need of replacement! Additionally, they are in urgent need of paint to finish a project that is being funded by the Administration. They have an August deadline to meet but unfortunately the budget wasn’t sufficient to cover all the costs. The completed project will be audited by the Authorities and they want to have it completed on schedule!

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Anonymous, Craig Walker, Tom & Lee Santilli, Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh, Anonymous, Mikhail Arkhipov, Tania Petricevich, Roger Reed, Rachael Soverns, Julie Humphrey, LWM Canada, Jonathan Soverns, Tabitha Murphy, Lauren Kiss, Sharlene Stewart,