“One of the problems of our Shelter and town is water. Even after boiling water preserves unpleasant smell and aftertaste of iron. Water is very necessary for children. Members of club “Nissan 4×4” do their best to improve the situation. Each time they came they bring with them 5- liter bottles with drinking water. They also insisted on analysis and sample of water were send to laboratory “Ecotech-Moscow”. According to the results the index of the turbidity of water exceeds the maximum permissible value 4 times, the index of iron – 3 times. A study of the indices of the pollution of water revealed exceeding the total microbial number 2 times from the permissible standard. The selection of the necessary equipment for the preparation of water of drinkable designation was produced on the basis of the obtained results.” – Natalya Vladimirovna Babina – Director

The shelter is asking for your assistance in purchasing a water purification system so that their water can be safely used for bathing, drinking and cooking.

***This project is being coordinated by our friends at the Nissan 4×4 Club and “Unforgotten Children” Family Support Services (Elena Morozova)***

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Eleanor Roosevelt High School Russian Club, Mikhail Arkhipov, Craig Walker, Kristina Ogden, Microsoft Giving Campaign, Natalia Ryndina, Paul McKenna, Anonymous, Rachel Frenzel, Carlo Scevola & Partners, Hoefler Consulting Group (In Honor of the Bernard Family), Alexander Droznik, Irene & Gregory Karg, Kendall Krawchuk, Irene Karg, Allstate Giving Campaign, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.