The Olga Orphanage situated in a remote northern district of the Primorsky region (town of Dalnegorsk) 350 Miles from Vladivostok. The orphanage’s laundry room was equipped with two washing machines of the activator type: one automatic and one semi-automatic. As of right now, both machines are out of order. They were taken to a repair shop in the town of Kavalerovo. The service provider has determined that the machines were beyond repair since they were completely worn out. Right now, children’s underwear and clothes are washed using a machine lent by one of the orphanage staff members. Therefore two washing machines are needed for the orphanage – one automatic and another semi-automatic. Additionally, the orphanage’s kitchen is not equipped with a water heater, so that there is no hot water in the kitchen. Lack of hot water in the kitchen is against the rules and regulations of sanitation control bureau. Also, the kitchen is lacking a food processor and an electric meat grinder. Pots, pans and cutting boards have been in use for 5-7 years. To be able to store food for more than a few days the orphanage also badly requires a freezer chest.

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Thanks for kind donations: Traude Nestler (In Memory of Willi Wulf), Sergei Kaduk, Tom & Lee Santilli,