The settlement that Hope Commune runs in Karelia is one of the most important aspects of their operation. Here the orphans and homless children under their care can have a warm place to sleep, hot food to eat, emotional support, and gain necessary work skills that will enable them to survive in the world once they reach adulthood.

This is phase two of the water and septic system that was started in 2004. After a grueling 2 year ordeal, the well has been drilled and the plumbing has been installed in the main house in Karelia. Currently the grey water exits the bulding into a trench that has been dug to temporarily serve as a drainage field. This system cannot be left in this stage! Building code requires that the water be stored and treated in a sewage system. Now that there is running water, standard toilets will be installed for the year round residents of the commune and the kids that visit for camp in the summer. As of August 2006, an old shack built over a hole in the ground was the only toilet available to them.

This particular system also serves another function as well. Not only does it treat and store sewage, but it will also purify grey water (from cooking and washing) so that it can be recycled and used to water gardens and other general purpose functions. The diesel generator will act as a backup for the electronic alert systems that are installed on the septic tank, and will additionally provide power to the whole settlement in case of major electrical failure. This is extremely important in order to keep the new plumbing from freezing in the very cold winter temperatures. Power failure is quite common in this area as they are situated in a remote village region.

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