This project aims to integrate the 3000 disabled, social orphans living in Novosibirsk so that they can enjoy outdoor activities in the community.

After the park is constructed, the city has agreed to maintain the property.

***This is a joint effort between iOrphan, Rotary Clubs in Russia, Australia & the U.S. and private donors!!***

Thanks for kind donations: Microsoft Giving Campaign, Mikhail Arkhipov, Bill Ryerson, Google, HP Inc., Dell Direct Giving Campaign, Caxton Foundation, Leonard Lan, Martha Rios, James Bradford, American Conference Institute . (On Behalf of Maria Romanova), Aaron & Melissa Harrison, Rubber Soul Records, Anonymous, HairJems, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Ioulia Bessanova, Dmitri Poukhovski, Pre Start Checklist, Denia De Sousa, Tanya Lebedeva, Carney Reinvault & Ed Kaminsky,, Tanya Lebedeva, Carney Reinvault & Ed Kaminsky (In Memory of Victoria), Daniel Genrich, PayPal Giving Fund, Reni Thomas, Jessica Bailey, Gordon Miller, Howard & Lou Ann Openo (In Honor of Luka Savas), Ty Huynh, Joseph Repasky, Yuliya Kubryakova, and our own permanent fund: Beslan 2014.