This infant orphanage was established in 2007 in an old hospital that was built in 1986. The orphanage houses 60 children from 1 month to 4 years in age. The building has undergone very little repair since the regional budget for this facility is limited. The window frames are old and rotten an no longer hold the heat in. The children, being toddlers and younger, are often moving about on the floor and freeze during the winter. The staff try to bundle the kids up but it does very little good.

The orphanage is asking for our assistance in replacing 4 large windows in order to better insualte the rooms where the toddlers play and sleep.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Vladimir Kozlov, Natalia Tchernova, Esfuerzo y Dedicación, Natalia Ryndina, Anonymous, Marina Meleshenko, Anton Galin,, Maria Odessky, James Jackson, Irina Clark, Olga Galina, Bill Ryerson, Elisaveta Kostova, James Bradford, Rochelle Sylvester, Robert Del Conte, and our own permanent fund: Keila & Kira Bogouslavski Wedding Registry.Relief Fund.