The dining room can serve 45 children. They all eat in one shift. The furniture in the pictures above was used for 13 years. All furniture periodically goes to pieces and needs to be repaired. Tables of those children who are older are made from metal modules which are impossible to repair. The furniture for preschoolers is customized in some ways but doesn’t fit to their age and height.

Every summer the Serzhantovo staff does cosmetic improvements of the furniture: the chairs are taped with a fresh plastic cover and then painted with lacquer varnish. Tables are painted and covered with plastic tablecloths. For the dining room remodeling Serzhantovo employees will need to install new vinyl floor. The old one was there since the orphanage was founded 13 years ago. Because children eat 5 times per day and the dining area has a high volume of traffic, the floor is worn out.

We would like to please our children by installing new modern plastic windowsills. They will be not only more practical, but also longer lasting. We will be glad to make our kids happy with new furniture and good quality remodeling, so they will be as happy as those children who live in their own homes.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh, Anonymous, Mikhail Arkhipov, DC Ranch, Michael Woltz, Anna Helbling, Rachel Frenzel, Jason Takagi, Valeria Johnson, Special To Me, Maria Asadov, Randy Paradise, Lauren Kiss, Mama Jolly,