Our school has many problems that can be solved with help of our beneficiaries, including your financial help. As of today the most pressing issue is bathrooms need renovation. Equipment and plumbing have to be replaced because everything is leaking and breaking. The equipment expired a long time ago but we do not have money for new one. We need to replace 5 toilets in the school building. We also need to renovate the bathrooms themselves (walls, floors), change sinks. The tiles are old and broken in many places so it needs to be taken off and replaced with new one. The stalls are made of old material and painted with water-based paint, which constantly needs to be refreshed because it is erased when surface is cleaned. When over 10 years ago bathrooms were last renovated, we did not have money for professionals and had to do it with our internal resources. Now we need to hire special services that can do it faster and better.

~Assistant director, Elena Viktorovna Alexandrova~

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Eleanor Roosevelt High School Russian Club, Nikolay Smolyanskiy, Mikhail Arkhipov, Ksenia Galina, TRUiST .com, Denis Churin, Anton Galin, Pavel Dournov, Alexander Mayorov, Olga Galina, Anna Huber, Jessica Bailey, Zoya Bashirova, James Thomas, Treva Savage, James Bradford, John Moore, Aleksandr Nazin, Tanya Lebedeva, Carney Reinvault & Ed Kaminsky, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.