The Children’s House was established in 2001 with the aim to treat and educate children whose mothers are HIV-carriers and those children, aged 1-month to 4 years, who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The Children’s House is the only one of its kind in the Ukraine. There are currently 80 children in the Children’s House, 20% of these children are diagnosed with AIDS.

Despite this tragic diagnosis, the administration and staff of the Children’s House have created a comfortable family-like atmosphere for the children. All HIV-positive children receive antiviral therapy. In addition, our staff carries out a thorough medical and lab observation of all children. As a result, the children remain stable; 22 children have been placed into families thanks to our staff’s voluntarily work.

The children go on various entertaining trips to broaden their horizon. In order for the children to use the concert hall (for dancing and singing), which is important for their development and for creating a healthy psychological environment, it is necessary to renovate and improve the concert hall.

The administration and staff of the Children’s House are hoping to get help from the people who are not indifferent to the fate of the children who are wronged by life twice – they are orphans and diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Mikhail Arkhipov, Google, Vadim Berman, Thomas Slanover, Priscilla Warren, Vladimir Egorov, Antonio Navas Jaquete, Vojislav Mirkovic, Josef Redek, Candis Guzman, Vlada Modell, Aimee Soverns, Damian Zadziorski, Sabina Kier, Gennadiy Geyfman, Inna Arbo, CS&P Fiduciaire, Anonymous, Ioannis Lamprianidis, Treva Savage, James Bradford, Luke Dubber, Anonymous, Laura Loney, Michael Hodgson,, Jessica Bailey, Omar Trevizo, Mission Fish, Zachary Tarlow, Raymond Clawson, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.