Very poorly financed by the local budget this orphanage in the remote area of the Russian Far East needs to prepare for the new school year. They urgently need to conduct some interior repairs (linoleum, paint, glass, light fixtures, doors and toilets) and to buy school books and supplies. Here is a note from the Orphanage director:

As a result of a very poor financing we do not have enough assets to get the orphanage ready to the new academic year. We cannot afford even cosmetic repairs not mentioning partial replacement and tuning of the heating system before the cold season starts (the list of the problems is too long to continue..).

1. Clean, long lasting linoleum floor (the first stage includes the dining room and passages connecting to it).
For the past several years we covered the floor with a low quality linoleum (we bough what was cheaper). As a result it got damaged very quickly as we have a heavy flow of people (58 foster-children and the stuff that uses this area every day during the day and evening hours). The linoleum got torn out and there are cracks and patches all over it. We decided to gradually change it – first – the dining room and the passages connecting to it as the linoleum is in the worst condition in that area. We have bought high endurance linoleum allowing large flow of people and plastic floor molding.

2. Bright, good illumination (the first stage includes play rooms and the halls).
The orphanage building was built in 1986. By this day some lighting devices got broken and the rest of them have some mechanical damages. We have bought 23 daylight lamps (fluorescent tubes and switches are included). The lamps have a descent characteristics, design and , most importantly, price.

3. Partial repairing of premises.
This year we have received 70 kg of white paint and 40 kg of brown paint from the regional budget – that’s it!!! One would wonder how it can be possible to get all bedrooms, play rooms and other premises ready for the new academic year while the children are in a summer camp. But using your help and donations we managed to buy enamel paint, water-based paint, 2 door and frame packaged units, 2 toilet bowls, and glue for linoleum. We also bought new window glass to replace broken one as last year we had lost several windows due to the strong winds.

 Project Document
 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh,