The current project is part of the project “Russian Country Life” and will help solve one of the most critical problems in Russia by preventing the delinquency of minors (homeless, neglected children) who have ended up in very difficult living conditions. In the little village of Tervu in the Russian Republic of Kareliya there is a subsidiary farm and summer camp for foster children of the family commune “Hope”. The commune fully solves the problems of survival, self-sufficiency, social development and adaptation of child orphans and social orphans who are in need of social rehabilitation. In 11 years of operation the commune has helped more than 450 teenagers find their way in life, having made them full-fledged citizens.

With the support of the administrations of St. Petersburg and the Republic of Kareliya the commune received an old Finnish house and farming machinery. In 11 years of its existence the farm of the commune was able to obtain livestock (10 head of large horned livestock and 10 pigs) in order to help these unfortunate children. In October we will finish the construction of a new cow-barn. This is a huge event for us! The space of the old cow-barn will be freed up and it would be very expedient to transform it into a pigpen. Our subsidiary farm needs a pigpen to house 4 sows, a boar and offspring (up to 50 piglets are expected). At the present moment we have 19 piglets. The fulfillment of this project, creating normal conditions for the upkeep of livestock, will allow for a food provision program for the “Hope” family commune!

Transformation of the cow-barn into a pigpen will require reconstruction, including:
Dismantling and replacement of the interior finish of the walls and ceilings
Bearing constructions of the ceilings, installation of heaters
Replacement of the floors
Construction of drainage pipes and a septic tank
Replacement of the roof
Setting up a distribution kitchen for livestock

According to the enclosed estimate of the cost of materials, 58,000 rubles are needed for reconstruction. Payment for the work of construction experts will cost 32,000 rubles.

The total cost comes to 90,000 rubles or $3200.

 Project Document
 Project Document

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