On September 1, 2004 a group of armed gunmen took 1,100 people hostage in an elementary school in Beslan, North Ossetia. Over 700 of these hostages were children. After a 3 day stand-off, gun battle, and multiple explosions, 334 hostages were killed including 186 children. Many of the surviving children were left physically and emotionally injured due to the extreme trauma they faced. Some of the kids were left without one or both parents, while others became “Social Orphans”, withdrawing from normal daily life and living in isolation. Our friends at the “Unforgotten Children” Family Support Services have asked for our financial assistance in funding the logistics of an ongoing rehabilitation program for the innocent victims of this brutal act. Physical and psychological therapy is being conducted at the Central Regional Clinical Hospital in Vladikavkaz (about 30 km south of Beslan). The clinic has generously offered their own vehicle for use in this project. Funding for the doctors and therapists has been secured, your donations will help facilitate the transportation of the kids from Beslan to the clinic and back again. The children will receive therapy at least one time each week. Our partners will issue a monthly report on the progress of the program. You can download a Power Point presentation about “Unforgotten Children” Family Support here. (3.4mb)

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Spiretek International, Tom & Lee Santilli, Nikolay Smolyanskiy, Leonard Lan, Mikhail Arkhipov, Google, Vsevolod Titov, firstgiving, Anonymous, Olga Faden, Laurie Stelzer, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Kevin Vidato, Rakhilya Murtazina, Network For Good (On behalf of Russian Hearts), Vladimir Egorov, Michael Torrey, Barbara Keen, Zoya Bashirova, Nikolay Glushnev, Matthew Otis, Elizabeth Randall, Alexander Droznik, Elina VanNatta, Irene Karg, Emil Imamov, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.Relief Fund.