There are 256 boarders in the Orphanage age from 4 to 18, many of them are severely retarded and/or disabled. The staff of teachers, trainers, medical personnel, teachers’ and trainers’ aids, cleaning ward are loving and dedicated to the children. The Orphanage’s goal is to educate to the highest level those capable of schooling, train all children with skills which may lead to employment, and to prepare all children and teenagers to adjust to real life after they leave Orphanage at the age of 18.

Food and lodging, building maintenance, medical care, teaching and learning equipment and materials, also the staffs’ salary are subsidized by the government. The Orphanage is housed in a 30 year old city owned building which is in constant need of repair. Thus, the funds made available for the Orphanage are limited to providing staff’s salary, basic housing, medical needs and building repairs. There is no additional money in the Orphanage’s budget to provide extra.

The orphanage is in desparate need of 19 new bed and matress sets! The ones they are currently using are more than 15 years old and falling apart quicker than they can prepare them. And the floor is peeling up in many places making it unsuitable and dangerous to walk on!

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Tom & Lee Santilli, Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh, Craig Walker, Anonymous, Nancy Sertich, Valeria Johnson, Sabina Kier, Victoria Lannen, Randy Paradise, Liz Harvey, Mama Jolly, Slava Linetsky, Hedwig McGee,