Serzhantovo orphanage wants to expand it’s very popular musical program to include more children and a wider variety of music. This is great therapy for the kids and fosters creativity and group cooperation. They are asking for your assistance in purchasing several additional musical instruments.

“At the given moment the children’s ensemble “Accord” is equipped with the following musical tools: balalaika, acoustic guitar, bass- balalaika, percussion tools. Children hadve earned a mucial certification and perform at the concerts of the orphanage, village and region. The children have the large desire to create a vocal- instrument ensemble and to play on contemporary musical tools – electric guitars, the drums, etc. Earlier we have experience in the creation of vocal- instrument ensemble, we took instruments on a lease, but this became not very convenient for us. We hope that the dream of children will be carried out, and the new wave of interest in music will grow in the children.”

Musical Director: V.G. Mechkin
Orphanage Director: Y.A. Bozhko

 Project Document
 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Suncorp AU, Carlo Scevola & Partners, Olga Faden,,