Shpola Internat currently houses 182 children. The number of kids varies as some arrive and some are transferred to other internats or graduate. At times, the number can swell to over 200. Toward the winter, various municipalities tend to organize raids to round up homeless; many of them are kids who are transferred here. At the internat, children’s ages range from 6 to 18, with most of the kids being in 12-18 age categories. Children come from various backgrounds and circumstances. Some are orphaned through loss of parents, some are abandoned for variety of reasons and for some the state has determined that their parents are not fit to raise them. Quite a few kids do not end up in the orphanage immediately, but are found homeless, living on the streets.

The Internat is asking for assistance in purchasing some very important Medical Supplies.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh, Mikhail Arkhipov, Rachel Frenzel, Rose Heffernan, Mohammed Al Khalifa, Valeria Johnson, Randy Paradise, Jason Takagi, Alicia Diamond,