The Gorlovka Infant Hospital has a special department dedicated to the treatment and care of orphans from birth to age of four. While the building itself is in good condition, there is little medical equipment available to doctors and nurses who care for the children. The primary purpose of this project is to provide the physicians with some basic and necessary medical equipment. Additionally, this project will purchase 12 radiators so that all of the rooms will have heat available in the winter.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Traude Nestler (In Memory of Willi Wulf), Tom & Lee Santilli, Oleksiy Khomenko, Tania Petricevich, Jonathan Byrne (In Honor of Julie Humphrey & Werner Brammer), John & Nina Crisp, Rachael Soverns, Janice Stark, Eleri Morgan, Jess Balen-Smith, Margaret & Gary Fischer (In Honor of Joseph Fischer), Julie Humphrey (In honor of Randy and Kathy Weidner), Julie Humphrey (In honor of Cindy Ripple), Julie Humphrey (In honor of Diane and Norm Hayes), Julie Humphrey (In honor of Sarah and Kurt Cranmer), Julie Humphrey (In honor of Dennis and Mary Lou O Conner), Anonymous, Alfredo Carrion,