Local government and various state and commercial organizations have joined their forces to implement a dream of homeless children to have a home. An old railroad sleeping car is a dream house and almost luxury accommodation. This project includes acquisition, transportation and installation of the foundation blocks for permanent installation of the sleeping car at the Farmer’s Commune in Tervu Village.

An old railroad sleeping car was obtained and remodeled with the support of Ministry of Railroad Transportation of Russian Federation.
Administration of Oktyabrski Railroad provides special train and loading machinery to deliver the sleeping car to Hiitola station and to load it to an MAZ 507 heavy truck. Military Division of Leningradki Oblast in St. Petersburg provides auto transportation to deliver the sleeping car from the Hiitola station to the Tervu Village. Administration of Karelia provides security escort.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Tom & Lee Santilli, Zahya Channaa, Hermine Harman, Mayra Bonet, Elan Vital, Charles Lewis, John Kieffer, Jim Arter, Nadia Medina, Timothy Douglas, and proceeds from the following benefits: Salsa for Orphans on 3/14/2004,