The orphanage has purchased two Panasonic heaters for a total of $2,557 (72000 Roubles). These heaters have twice the capacity of the heaters originally thought and will cover the needs of the orphanage. The heaters are installed and working and the kids are comfortable. These units keep preset temperature to warm the kids in the winter (sometimes until May) or save them from extreme heat that happens in August.

This state orphanage is taking care of infant orphans requiring most delicate attention. It is very poorly supported by the state. Air heaters are critical for their disabled infant group. Existing central heating system that uses hot water and serves entire city often malfunctions and breaks. Last winter the temperature inside often dropped below 50. They need 3 electric air heaters/conditioners for a total of $2,000 (each one costs 20,000 roubles, total of 60,000 roubles, exchange rate 30 RR/$).

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Dick Bliek, Jean Francois Ott,