Home Family Commune’s rehabilitation center accommodates permanently from 6 to 8 orphanages. Commune’s “day stay” department usually accommodates about 40-50 kids. The Governor of St. Petersburg helped Commune to buy a tractor (MTZ-82) to service agricultural activities. This present allows Commune’s residents to produce foodstuff enough to subsist on. However, to service all agriculture works such as hay preparation, fodder, potato and vegetation growing, storing-up fire woods, delivery of water, and some other necessities, the Commune needs diesel fuel and oil.

Hope Family Commune, our social organization, from the bottom of our hearts thanks the people who across the ocean have extended a hand of help. Your kindness gives us the belief we are not alone, and with Your help we will have enough strength to overcome all hardships on our way. Let your life be full of light and kindness!

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Thanks for kind donations: Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh,