Currently, the entire power supply of the Hope Commune is provided by an extension cord from a neighbor. It barely provides enough power just for basic lighting. Bringing power directly from the nearby power station will finally allow the Commune to start using basic appliances like electric stove, washer and water heater.

In addition, having own power supply is a critical step towards their self-sustaining. It will provide heat for their barn and greenhouse. Kind sponsors have recently donated complete mini-plant for making furniture. Running this plant will allow the orphans to gain professional skills, provide much-needed funds and contribute to the economic development of the nearby villages.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Scott Dean and Ron Calvert, Steve and Billie Moksnes, Regina Richter, Tatyana & Cresencio Rivera, James Bell, Sherry Remez, Lisa Hunter, Diana Palazzolo, Sara Romfo, Jonevan Lacabanne, Vanessa & Marsha, Brigitte Peillex, and proceeds from the following benefits: Salsa for Orphans on 11/9/2003, Salsa for Orphans on 9/28/2003,