The Serzhantovo Children House is situated in a far-away northern district of the Primorsky region (town of Dalnegorsk) 350 Miles from Vladivostok. It is the constituent part of a school complex. There are 59 children in the House between the ages of 3 and 18, including 14 children of pre-school age.
The goal: To prepare the premises for oncoming cold weather, and to conserve heat in the winter.

The existing wooden entrance door has become badly damaged because of heavy traffic. Due to 18 years of exposure to the elements it cannot be closed tightly. As a result, it is very drafty inside and heat escapes from the building.

It will be necessary to install a porch canopy to protect new entrance door from assault by the elements. It will also be necessary to use material other then wood for the new door, to insure sturdiness and prolong exploitation.

~Director Y.A. Bozhko~

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Anonymous, Ruth & Stan Hartman, Mikhail Arkhipov,, E J Hawkesworth, Stephen Lawrence, Traude Nestler (In Memory of Willi Wulf), Artem Daniliants, Gregory Taylor, Lynn Meza, Valentin Chernyak, Lauren Kiss, Tracy Allen, Tatiana Jackson,