Our boarding school is located in rural area, village Shushkovo, 35 kilometers from region central city, Sebezh, near a lake and surrounded by pine forests. It is located about 600 kilometers from Moscow, the capital of our country.

We take care of children from 7 until 19 years old. Right now we have 59 individuals. Most of them are orphans and our boarding school became their home. Each year our graduates come to visit the school to reconnect with their childhood spent in Shushkovo.

Everything that a child learns from his family, our kids receive inside the walls of the orphanage. Our staff – teachers and tutors really try to replace parents for our children. They learn not only to read and write, but also to sew, knit, sing, and dance. The play sports – skis, skates, volleyball, football, tennis. Our school has sewing and carpenter rooms, where we prepare them for the future professions of seamstress, carpenter, and woodworker. The educators try to stay up-to-date with modern trends and teach children how to work with a computer and search for information on the internet because it will be very useful in their future. To do this kind of training takes more than just good will – it requires modern equipment. School had six computers; with the help of our beneficiaries we bought a multimedia station. But computers are old and not numerous and to have a lesson together we have to move cumbersome equipment from one classroom to another because there are not enough computers for each class, and laptops that we could use are nonexistent. Besides that our kids sign and play music, they perform with concerts in other schools. The quality of the performances is poor because of absence of sound equipment.

To improve the quality of our education, to give our children a more rounded foundation, and to fully prepare them for life in the modern society, where computer became an essential player, we ask for your assistance. Ideally we need one more multimedia station, web camera, and interactive board. But we only dream of such equipping of our classroom, whereas in other schools it is already a reality. We really hope that with help of kind people our dreams will eventually become a reality.

~Assistant Director, Elena Alexandrova~

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Thanks for kind donations: Bill Ryerson, Anton Galin, Ksenia Galina, Anonymous, Mikhail Arkhipov, Brian Geihsler, Valeria Johnson, Josette Huang (In Memory of Victoria Churin), Elena Levitskaya, Linnae Designs, Aaron & Melissa Harrison, HairJems, Treva Savage, Timothy Herman, Igor Dmitriev, Martha Rios, Edward Pierson (In Memory of Irene Karg), Yana Kuzenko, Yuliya Goncharuk, Amber Mohiuddin, Liberty Shepard, Aleksandr Nazin, TRUiST .com, Yuliya Kubryakova, United Way Pikes Peak, Jessica Bailey, Allstate Giving Campaign, Tanya Lebedeva, Carney Reinvault & Ed Kaminsky, Mission Fish, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.Relief Fund.