The Khuzhir Childrens Musical School resides in a unique part of Siberia.  The climate is very harsh there and the growing environment can be very inhospitable.  The school would like to create an “eternal summer” project in order to preserve the nature of their native land. This will create a bright new place for the whole community to enjoy. The school wants to develop ecological culture and introduce these concepts to children and adolescents from the village. In this group will be students from the school, orphans and children from high-risk environments.

The project will develop the following infrastructure: 50 square meters of Eco-green year-round growing, a nursery for tree seedlings, various youth clubs based on age group and territorial improvements to include an alpine hill.

The school is asking for our assistance in funding this very important project.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Mikhail Arkhipov, Microsoft Giving Campaign, Maria Asadov, Vlada Modell, James Bradford, Galina Krumm, Allstate Giving Campaign,