Currently the area of land that covers the communities of Romanovka, Smolyaninovo, Novonezhino, Tsarevka and Roshino of the Primorsky krai of Russia lacks any after-school educational opportunities for children. FOMIP Foundation along with the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy of Santa Anna (Saragossa, Spain) and Juan Bonal Foundation have created Tropinka (‘The Trail’) Children’s center in 2009 with the purpose of providing assistance to the children aged 6 to 17 by ways of organizing their time-passing, offering improvement of the quality of their lives, and avoidance of such problems as smoking, drinking and substance abuse, theft and vagrancy. Tropinka offers children opportunities to eat, rest, play, do their homework, doing different hobbies such as painting, needlework, sewing, music, computer design and learning of foreign languages.

Even though much was done for the children the Center, Tropinka still requires support and assistance. The global grant application form provides a list of equipment and tools that Tropinka requires. Implementation of the project would help (1) purchase five folding beds to allow the Center host volunteers from Vladivostok for longer durations of time, (2) acquire uninterruptible power supply system to ensure uninterrupted heating of the building of the Center during the heating season, (3) to create a workshop for learning of carpentry, as well as (4) to create a sports and playground on the premises of the Center.

This project will be a joint partnership with VladEco Rotary Club and OrphanAct.

 Project Document

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