We have been offered a challenge grant by www.ThisOldStore.com ! Torez Special Needs Orphanage in Ukraine is home to over three hundred children living with many types of disabilities. With $10,907.50 Ascent can purchase some desperately needed therapy equipment for the orphans. ThisOldStore.com is willing to give us half that amount, if we can raise the additional $5,453.75 by October 31 st .

Torez Special Needs in Ukraine is taking care of 250 Ukrainian Orphans ages 4 to 18, all with physical or mental disabilities. The orphanage was established in 1966 for the specific purpose of caring for special needs children. Local governmental support has been poor due to the limited funding available and their lack of interest in the kids due to their inability to become normal citizens.

The severity of the children’s conditions ranges, but many suffer from Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, cleft lip, limb deformities, and severe mental retardation. Many are malnourished due to the lack of food rations available and inadequate staffing. Most are very small for their age.

Using this grant we will be able to purchase many types of therapy equipment which Torez Special Needs has requested. This will include 4 rocker boards, 4 wobble boards, 4 scooter boards, 1 small therapy bench, 3 large exercise mats, 1 therapeutic water table, 1 large set of nesting step stools, 1 motor skills practice carpet, 1 set of climbing blocks, 1 exercising skip jack set, 1 therapy stacking pyramid, a set of modular climbing blocks, a long sitter with abductor and knee straps, 1 set of therapy tumble forms, 1 modular seating system, 3 televisions with DVD for educational programs, and 70 bottles of vitamins. These pieces help with development of both small and large motor skills.

As a challenge grant the offer is only on the table until October 31st 2009! Please help us to reach this goal for the children of Torez . A donation of any size will make a difference!

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Thanks for kind donations: Tom & Lee Santilli, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Mikhail Arkhipov, Russian Orphan Rescue Inc, Tania Petricevich, Anonymous, Carlo Scevola & Partners, Aimee Soverns, Marina Meleshenko, Julie Humphrey, Olga Faden, Jonathan Byrne, Maxim Markin, Natalia Ryndina, Tuggle, Francisco Escobar, E-Importz .Com, Irene & Gregory Karg, Bill Ryerson, Marianne Lecesne, Michael Torrey, Maria Asadov, Artem Daniliants, Anna Gorbunova, Rochelle Sylvester, Mark McClendon, Kelly Carothers, Ellen Pearsall, Sania Kaur, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.