Existing structure of rotten wood and rusty sheet metal currently used as a barn is falling apart. Current project includes buying materials, some equipment and additional live stock. All construction work is performed by the residents of the Commune. Currently the Commune owns 1 tractor, 1 truck, 8 cows, 3 pigs and 20 chickens.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Scott Dean and Ron Calvert, Dwayne and Alice Bower, Honey Marques, Robin Williams, Dr. Bobby and Julie Baker, Elan Vital, Mayra Bonet, George Lilis, Angel Honig, Gwendolyn Musser, Lynn Schorr, Zahya Channaa, Timothy Douglas, Chia-Chu Chao, Brigitte Peillex, and proceeds from the following benefits: Salsa for Orphans on 1/11/2004, Salsa for Orphans on 2/4/2004,