This is part of a larger project called ” Giving life to the Russian village ” which strives to solve one of the most pressing problems in Russia – that of underage homeless or abandoned children in difficult life situations. A farm, located in the small Karelian village of Tervu is “Hope” Family Commune’s summer camp. In this Commune, social orphans and social orphans in need of social rehabilitation work, mature socially and acquire necessary skills for adaptation.

During its 11 years of its existence, Hope helped more than 450 children to find their place in life by turning them into wholesome society members. The Governments of St. Petersburg and Karelia have helped the Commune acquire an old Finnish house, land and agricultural equipment in order to help these disadvantaged children.

This time of the year, in the spring-summer season, Commune starts its agricultural activities, aimed to stock the Commune’s residents with foodstuff and create a self-sustainable environment. Due to the increased fuel intake, one of the main current PROBLEMS for the Commune is the ability to service machinery, such as the tractor, irrigating equipment and the truck (GAS-3129) with fuel and oil. The ” Bread for the Soul ” project is aimed to solve the fuel and oil shortage this spring and summer.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Tony Reilly, Ed Gerchik, Melissa Chelliah, Daphne Meimaridis, Just Give, Julie Louise Costner, and proceeds from the following benefits: April Chords on 4/25/2004, Latin Rhythms on 4/30/2004, Jazz for Orphans on 4/23/2004,