1) The Serzhantovo orphanage cares for 59 children currently and they are in desparate need of vitamins, medicines and other items necessary to combat the cold winter that lies ahead. They can’t afford good quality dietary supplements on what they recieve from the municipality, so they need our help to purchase the necessary vitamins and medicines to keep the children healthy this year! Most of the children arrive at the orphanage allready sick or weakened due to harsh living conditions and lack of proper nutrition!! The improved quality and consistent supply of vitamins will increase the overall health in the children and help them rebuild their immunities to viruses and infections.

2) This year the orphanage will also need to replace one of their commercial washing machines. Imagine how many loads of laundry must be done each day for 60 kids!

3) Last year the Director of the orphanage wanted to start teaching the children about economics and business. Together they formed a small group of children and created a gardening project. The children were taught about money management, sales, and accounting all from this very small $400 project! The plants were sold to the local townspeople to be used for food and other needs. Please help us expand the project this year! (see the 2006 Power Point presentation here)

4) Every year the orphanage struggles to provide decent text books and school supplies for the children! Please help to meet this critical need of these wonderful kids!!

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Tom & Lee Santilli, Anonymous, Estate of Mona Desandro, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Kenneth Beuchler, Rachel Frenzel, GE Foundation, Randy Paradise, Dell Direct Giving Campaign, Microsoft Giving Campaign, Jason Takagi, Ed Gerchik, Carla Hamilton-Eisele, Maria Asadov,