Urik Shelter is situated about 10 miles outside of Irkutsk, they have been in operation since 2002. Up to 40 kids at one time can stay at the shelter, generally for an 18 month time frame. Due to the high rates of unemployment in the area, the kids are generally better off at the shelter. There is heavy alcohol abuse in the surrounding villages where the children come from. The shelter desparately needs 40 beds to replace the ancient ones that they are using now. The finish has mostly peeled off and the wood is splintering in many places. In addition they are asking for $1,250 to purchase winter sports equipment and games so that the children can stay occupied during their stay at the shelter.

***This project was developed and is being coordinated by our partners at OrphanAct and Rotary Club of Irkutsk.***

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Patrick & Susan Cavanaugh, Oleksiy Khomenko, Denis Churin, Vsevolod Titov, Tatiana Titova, Tanya Lebedeva, Carney Reinvault & Ed Kaminsky, BEA Systems Inc., Davila Macilai, Rachel Frenzel, Alans Online, Olga Faden, John & Nina Crisp, Anonymous, Natalia Ryndina, Carlo Scevola & Partners, Cindy O, Capmark Finance Inc, Mohammed Al Khalifa, Maria Asadov, Irina Semynina, Andrea & John Janzen, Russian-Toys.com, Mark McClendon, iGive.com, Sergei Shinkevich, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.