The Olga Orphanage situated in a remote northern district of the Primorsky region (town of Dalnegorsk) 350 Miles from Vladivostok. Their bathing and heating facilities are in dire need of repair as you can see from the photos. Several of the floor and ceiling beams are rotted and need to be replaced, as well as the old shelving. Plaster is in poor condition and needs resurfacing. And many of the water pipes are so old that the sediment and corrosion in them is clogging the flow of water to the fixtures. The furnace is not function efficiently and smokes without producing much heat. A recent bulding inspection noted code issues with their hot water heater as well. Currently they have a heater that was fabricatted locally and doesn’t meet building standards. This project will also replace this heater with a commercially produced system in order to eleviate these code issues.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Anonymous, Grant Knox, Anna Anselm, Adam Sheda, Elizabeth Randall, Alexander Droznik, Lauren Kiss, Anonymous, Second Sight Pictures, Virginia da Costa, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Mikhail Arkhipov, Elina VanNatta, Carmen Chan,