This project was created in 2004 in a rehabilitation center in Beslan (in the hospital) as a result of a terrorist attack on a school. Currently, this is only a psychological center in Beslan. Here they help people with disabilities and orphaned children. The center is already furnished and operational. It is equipped for individual and group work. Project participants are mainly children and adolescents with emotional problems that experience difficulties with communication and orphans. Since 2014, the center has also seen an increase in Ukrainian refugees in the region due to the ongoing conflict in the Eastern Region of that country. Families and child refugees are able to receive psychological assistance so they can cope with the trauma of war and adapt to their new environment. The project activities consist of: psychological diagnostics and individual psychotherapeutic work with elements of art-therapy (drawing, modeling, working with natural materials) and relaxation techniques to reduce stress levels. The project is implemented by 4 Ossetian psychologists. Three of them, Marina Kanukova, Kallagova Lyudmila and Talina Naskidaev have worked in the rehabilitation center since 2004. A fourth psychologist, Alikhanov Madina, has been working since 2006 as a volunteer with an occasional grant support.

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